Slow Goods

Slow Goods is a Midwest based creative studio founded by Meghan Grubb in 2022. Celebrating art, color, texture and form, Slow Goods focuses on garments with peak comfort, sustainability and style, bold and expressive fabrics, and unique one-of-a-kind textile-based art collectibles. Slow Goods champions the notion that choosing fewer, delightful and thoughtfully made goods is an act of affirmation — enriching the experience of living with, and extending the life of, the goods we choose to clothe and surround ourselves with.

Meg working on a block print fabric design.
Meg walks by a patterned wall in a studio space.

About Meg

Meghan Grubb is an artist and designer based in the Midwest.  With a background in fine art, sculpture and installation, Meg began to sew her own clothing a few short years ago and soon fell in love with the sensation of being clothed in beautiful, artful garments crafted from the finest sustainable fibers.  Exploring hand-painting, block printing and dyeing techniques on fabric yielded a slew of delightful, wobbly results – a magical vibrating mix of colors and patterns that felt unlike any of the textiles that Meg could find in fabric stores.  Within this wobbly textile magic, Slow Goods was born. From there, Meg set out to employ these fabrics in original garment designs, to bring these textiles back to the sewing community that continually inspires her, to collaborate with other artists and designers, and to share the exploratory process of making all along the way.

A hand-sewn quilt in the process of being made.

Creative Process + Inspiration

Slow Goods believes in experimentation and imperfection, and seeks to elevate the process of making.  In the studio, we thrive on the resonance of handmade things, curious mark-making, hand-loomed weaving, exploratory print-making and wobbly hand-painting.  We find inspiration in bold prints, patterns, and color-mixing that push boundaries and feel effortless all at once.  From antique quilts to tilework and interior design, from wandering through an art museum to long hikes in the woods, we are inspired by the rich colors, patterns, and sensations of the world we live in. 


We love objects that reveal the hands that made them. We’re enthusiastic about collaboration; learning and exploring alongside other artists.  Each season we plan to showcase a small collection of signature, limited-edition Slow Goods prints and textiles. Some of these prints are Slow Goods originals, straight from Meg’s studio  — other prints and textiles will come from experimentation and collaboration between Meg and other artists — painters, printmakers, designers, and traditional handloom weavers and artisans. We aim to build a bold, expressive collection of original and collaborative textiles + prints that connect wearers and collectors with the artists that conceived and hand-crafted these artful designs.  

Swatches of fabrics from Slow Goods Studio.

Discerning & Sustainable Textiles

Slow Goods is committed to working with exclusively natural fibers. Our first run of garments are sewn up in a blend of tencel and linen, a sumptuous fabric with a matte finish and a soft fluid drape. This fabric reminds us of a sturdier matte silk, with the slight added texture of linen. We import this OEKO-TEX certified tencel/linen direct from Europe. 

Other collections include traditional handwoven khadi cottons, tencel-hemp fabrics, linen and more. Our fabrics will always be selected with care and attention to sustainability, as we continually seek to reduce our environmental impact.

Ethical Production

Our garments are cut and sewn in small batches at our Slow Goods HQ studio in Saint Louis MO. Slow Goods is dedicated to producing the highest quality goods in socially responsible settings. We aim to offer a transparent business model, highlighting the real people that make Slow Goods garments. At our core is a commitment to provide living wages, strengthen domestic manufacturing and appreciate the knowledge and skills of sewing.