Swatches of the horizon pattern fabric.

Community through Collaboration

Always inspired by the work of other creatives, Slow Goods seeks to partner with artists on one-of-a-kind, limited edition prints on fabric.  Developing these partnerships not only allows us to bring new and exciting prints into our collections, but it also showcases the work of other artists, and keeps our own studio buzzing on the energy of the creative exchange of ideas. 

A hand holding the block with the horizon print cut out of it.


Our current collaboration features Waterhouse.  Waterhouse is the work of textile artist and poet Shannon Burns.  Designed by hand in Shannon’s home studio in Louisville KY, Waterhouse designs begin with a sketch or painting, which is then drawn onto a linoleum or rubber block and carved into a stamp. Hundreds of individual impressions of the stamp are used to create the final print, preserving the spark of distinctiveness and hand-craft inherent in the ancient art of block-printing.

A woman holding block print artwork.
A woman wearing a patterned duster.

Slow Goods and Waterhouse share a taste for the warmth and strangeness of the hand-made, and a love of garment sewing.  Their friendship began with sharing textile printing ideas and techniques and grew into this collaboration, which makes real the ideas shared in early conversations about honoring the beauty of imperfection.