Bold, playful, art-forward

Slow Goods Original prints and fabrics are hand-crafted at our Midwest-based studio through processes of exploratory print-making, color mixing, and wobbly hand-painting.  Working both fast and slow, we combine quick, energetic and intuitive brushstrokes with precise geometric studies and bold color palettes. 

A detailed view of a geometric block pattern.

Inspired by color-blocking, sculptural forms, tilework, interior design, gardening, vintage and modern quilts, we gravitate to the boundaries between minimalism and maximalism – often seeking to bring colors and patterns to textiles that can be both raucous and restrained at once, and never boring. 

A studio with prints hanging on the wall, with a plant in the foreground.
A hand holds the pattern of a block print block.

Print ideas often develop from collecting visual inspiration – from river stones and art gallery visits, to Pantone chips and Pinterest boards. This visual material filters through the studio, and translates through means of sketching, painting, block-printing and digital design. The Painted Tiles fabric print developed from encountering a shower surround that I wanted to wrap myself up in – a few of the tile inspiration images shown in this mood board. The brushy geometric shapes in eventual painted cloth were inspired by these Bert & May tiles in particular.

Vases print in process made of hand-painted shapes and cut-outs

Tilework and quilts spark ideas of dynamic geometric color studies. Other fabric prints draw on sculptural forms – from furniture of the Memphis design group, to 20th century minimalism. Playing with balance, wobble and gesture is an endlessly curious pursuit. The work of many artists – Louise Nevelson, Anni Albers, Yayoi Kusama, Sol Lewitt, Ernesto Neto, Do Ho Suh, to name a few – continually inspire in color study, fabric forms, shape study and repetition.

Polaroids of Meg and Kristin, along with a pattern of a print.
Multi-color fabric print and paint color palette showing an insight into the creative studio process for developing original Slow Goods prints.